How do you vet the Socionados?

We take the vetting process very seriously. A Socionado is a qualified social media manager on our platform. Socionados typically have a personal brand on social media. They fill out a questionnaire and are interviewed by our team. We request references as well.

Socionados usually have experience managing social media for several businesses or personal brands. Socionados have some additional skills (Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Etc.) that are valuable for a customer in terms of actual content creation.

Our costs start at $500/month.

Any professionals or businesses looking to build a personal or company brand on social media. Our customers range from law firms, e-commerce businesses, motivational speakers, digital agencies, dentists and many more!

Our Socionado are experienced in working with social media platforms such as: Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Snapchat. However, we have Socionados well-versed in a variety of platforms including Linkedin, Medium and others.

Socionados are well-versed in developing social media strategies, content creation, content management and community engagement. They typically have experience with at least one of the following: Videography, Photography, Photoshop, Editing and numerous other skills. Our Socionados are creating customized content for your brand.

Socionado sets you up with 3-5 initial phone calls with potential Socionados. If you aren’t satisfied with any of those Socionados, we will set up more phone calls to ensure you have the best fit. We take into consideration on a case by case basis if Socionado makes sense for your personal brand or business.

We do not allow any customers to see a list of Socionados. The most efficient way for Socionado to operate is to allow our team to match you with hand-picked Socionados.

Absolutely. Please make us aware if having a local Socionado is important to you. Beware that this must be taken into consideration when considering your budget.

Please email and our team will be in touch!