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Social Media Managers should have personal brands?

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Should You Hire a Social Media Manager Who Doesn’t Have a Personal Brand?

As a co-founder of Socionado, I’ve matched a number of qualified freelance social media managers to brands. I’ve had a lot of conversations with potential Socionados on our platform. Typically at least a few times a week I get an email that’s worded like this:

“Hi Kofi,

I came across your platform and wanted to know if I could sign up as a Socionado. I have my resume attached here and links to brands whose social media I managed. Looking forward to hearing more.

Best, Alice”

Social Media Managers With Personal Brands

These messages always catch my attention because in order to verify his or her work with brands we have to do reference checks (which Socionado does). It also interests me because the easiest way for someone to display their social media skills is to show off his or her own personal social media. I don’t think you need to have a million followers. Or even 20k followers. You should at least be able to display your passion and understanding for social media by building a noticeable aesthetic, being active on social media and growing your following reasonably.

Argument Against Having a Personal Brand

Some social media managers would argue that they aren’t interested in building a personal brand. They argue that they are too focused on building the brands of others. I just don’t think that helps social media managers when pitching their skillsets and work to brands. It seems hypocritical. You’re claiming social media is important and establishing your brand can help you get more customers but what about for yourself?

Job Postings Requiring Social Media Managers to Have Personal Brands

I’ve noticed that even on job listings on Angellist, Indeed, etc. that part of the requirement for social media managers has now become to provide your own personal social media handles. Companies are starting to realize how important it is to work with some who “lives what they preach”.

What Do You Think?

Do you believe you have to have a personal brand in order to be an expert in social media branding?

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