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Instagram Tips For Business | Instagram Engagement

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Instagram Tips For Your Business To Gain More Engagement


Instagram gets more engagement than any other social network. However, it’s hard for brands to stand out amongst the millions of business profiles. It takes creativity, a sound strategy and execution to separate your page from the rest. Socionado is sharing a few tips that will show you how to boost your Instagram engagement and following organically!

Use Hashtags to Attract More Instagram Engagement

Instagram hashtags boost engagement.

Hashtags are the easiest way to increase your engagement on Instagram posts and stories. Furthermore, it’s also an excellent way to attract new visitors to your profile. According to, a post with at least one Instagram hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than a post without one. By posting relevant hashtags on Instagram posts and stories, your content becomes searchable in the discovery section of the app. This is a great way to reach new fans and potential customers.

Additionally, the hashtags that you post should be relevant to your business. For example, a fashion brand might post a picture with a new jacket that they are selling and post the hashtags #fashion #streetwear #ootd #jacket. Once the post is up you’ll notice that people with similar interests start to comment, like and maybe even share the content you’re posting. Trends, algorithms and hashtags are ALWAYS changing on Instagram so it’s very important to do hashtag research. This can help you figure out which hashtags people are using in your industry. With a limit of 30 hashtags per post, Instagram is giving businesses ample opportunity to reach the right audience. Each hashtag increases your visibility so take advantage! Here’s an example on a post we did with @Socionado. We put our hashtags in the first comment for aesthetic purposes.

Create Interactive Content

Creating interactive content builds your online community and creates conversation about your product/service. It’s the best way to entertain existing customers while generating buzz to attract new customers. Socionado has listed a few cool ways to create interactive content below.

Contest & Giveaways on Instagram

Contest giveaways help boost engagement by allowing followers to engage more on content.

There are many reasons to run contests and giveaways (like the one above). It’s important to establish your objectives and thoroughly explain the guidelines of your contest to the participants. If your goal is to gain followers and increase your Instagram engagement rate you might require a few things. For example, everyone who enters the contest has to follow your page, like the contest post and comment. The most effective giveaways & contests do an amazing job of generating buzz, increasing Instagram engagement and most of all acquiring organic content generated by new and existing fans. Let’s say I’m running a contest for Socionado, awarding one lucky business owner with a free social media manager for one month.

To enter the contest, you have to follow Socionado and create a video on your page explaining why you need a social media manager. Lastly, you have to tag and hashtag Socionado in your caption. The post with the most comments wins the contest. By incentivizing participants to share our brand, we’ll see a spike in impressions and leads. Lastly, I can share the user generated content from my participants. Whenever others are talking about your brand, it validates your product/services to new prospects.

Instagram Story Stickers Tips

Polls, votes and question stickers are all features that Instagram has added which can benefit businesses. It’s a great way to see questions and feedback from your followers. Many of our followers at Socionado have questions about social media. Every Friday we post a sticker asking our fans if they have any questions about social media. We then repost the answers to the questions on our Instagram story. Our followers really appreciate us providing them with informative content. As a result, they are more willing to share our brand with potential customers.

Customers love when you care! Polls and votes allow you to get into the minds of your customers. If you understand your customers it’s easier to develop iterations to your product/service that fits their needs. For example, a clothing brand could post two different prototypes of jackets that it would like to release. That gets your followers excited about your upcoming release. It also gives you knowledge on which direction to move forward.

Long Form Captions Boost Engagement

Long form instagram captions allow brands to provide their fans with a lot. You can provide information, updates about your product/service and tell a story behind the images. Even though Instagram is a visual platform, long form captions are proven to increase Instagram engagement.

The first sentence has to be compelling! Instagram only displays about 7-10 words and you have to click “show more” to see the rest of the caption. Why is this important to know? An effective way to increase click through rates on the show more button is to start with a question, some type of call to action or a compelling statistic!


For instance, let’s say Forbes magazine posts an article about startups. They could start by saying “95 percent of startups fail because…..” This will increase Forbes engagement on the post and have many readers sharing their content with their friends! People will wonder “Well what does Forbes think about why 95% of startups fail?”

Hopefully, these tips have taught you a few strategies on how to get more followers on Instagram and increase your Instagram engagement rates. Good luck and happy posting!

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